Your learning outcomes for this training:

      • Gain an understanding of addiction and recovery
      • Learn about the cycle of addiction that perpetuates dependency and relapses
      • Understand the key neurotransmitters implicated in addiction and recovery
      • Learn about the root causes of addictions
      • Understand the links between addictions, attachment and trauma
      • Learn about the three key brain systems implicated in addiction and its recovery
      • Understand the links between addiction, dissociation, depression and anxiety
      • Learn how to use the Attachment Cycle of Addiction to help process unresolved negative emotions
      • Learn about The A.D.R. Model for Addiction Recovery; the Step-by-Step Guide
      • Understand the crucial roles & steps of psychotherapy in addiction recovery
      • Get all your questions answered on addictions and their comorbid conditions

Other focuses on the day:

      • Important tips that individuals with addiction should be aware of to facilitate recovery
      • Helpful recovery tips for family members of individuals with addiction
      • Tips for managing triggers, slips and relapses
      • Common mistakes to avoid when working with clients with addiction

What Attendees Are Saying:

“Thank you Wale for a wonderful learning experience this evening. I am in recovery from alcohol addiction myself (3 years) and also currently a full time student at University studying psychology, and I found your course full of enlightening information. This is the second course I have attended of yours and I think you are incredibly knowledgeable. I attended the Intrusive Thoughts course in Maidstone a couple of years ago now and I am sure I will be back for much more!” Sarah G.

“Thank you for your time tonight, the event was very informative and will stand me in good stead for my position as an Occupational Therapist in Addictions that I am starting next week.” Rowena H.

“I love all Wale’s courses as he makes the information relatable and easy to understand. All his courses are relevant to me too as I work in a residential rehab for addicts.” Julie C., Therapist and Therapy Manager of Residential Treatment Centre

“Considering the current pandemic, the course was delivered in a manner that allowed for interaction with other attendees, this was unexpected, very useful and very well carried out.” Kayleigh P. Massage Therapist

“I think that a very complex subject has been made simple to understand and digest. Well done!” Amanda E., Counsellor

“Definitely worth every minute of it! Will look into other relevant courses, eg polyvagal theory, PTSD… Great to have presentation in advance (some courses only give them out after the course) as it was then easier to follow the slides and make better notes.” Deb M., Clinical Hypotherapist & Psychotherapist

“Wale was very thorough and his passion comes through. The content and handouts were clear and informative.” Lorna F., Prison Counsellor

“Wale delivers the information in a friendly and accessible way – thank you. The notes and worksheets include references to enable further reading on the subjects which I find essential.” Vikki M.

“Thank you for such an interesting and down to earth presentation of what is a complicated subject.  Wale’s unique approach cements it altogether.” Jeanette A.

“Wale helps to understand scientific/technical language and makes learning easier.” Chrissy N., Counsellor

“Brilliant! I love the way Wale makes this information accessible and have total admiration and gratitude for all the work that Wale and MindBodyBreakthrough are putting out into the world.” Louise L., Mindset & Wellbeing Coach

“There was a lot to take in which was great. MindBody Breakthrough always delivers with a positive vibe and energy…thank you.” Kellie F., Trainee Counsellor