1. How to transform chronic stress and stress-induced pains using the S.T.R.E.S.S model recovery steps.

  2. The neuro-physiology of stress and recovery

  3. Using the Stress Cycle to unravel the deep-seated roots of chronic stress 

  4. Understand the region of the brain implicated in chronic stress and how to re-balance it

  5. Learn about how to modulate vital hormones for cortisol reduction and achronic stress transformation

  6. Stress and the subconscious and how their interaction can help transform stress

  7. How to break the compulsive worry habit that perpetuates chronic stress

  8. How to avoid the exhaustion stage where the body gives up on rself-regulation and healing

  9. The neuroscience of thoughts, feelings and emotions on chronic stress transformation

  10. Understand the links betwen chronic stress, inflammation & mental health

 Other focuses for the webinar:

  1. How to avoid the typical mistakes made in treating chronic stress

  2. The pitfalls to watch out for when helping with work-related stress among employees and business leaders.How to help clients with past traumas without triggering overwhelming negative emotions which often result in major relapses

  3. How to manage major relapses

What Attendees Are Saying

“A comprehensive and fascinating webinar that has given me additional tools for my work as a coach, and for my personal life.” Helen C., ‘Clear Day’ Director and Coach (12/11/20)

“I would highly recommend attending any of Wale’s training courses. His knowledge, mannerism and teaching style is highly effective.” Sharon M., Integrative Counsellor (12/9/20)

“Brilliant and greatly insightful course, as all of the courses are from MindBody Breakthrough!” Luisa D., (12/9/20)

“Brilliant course, this is my second time participating in your workshops and I’m really looking forward to the Trauma course I’ve already enrolled in. Thank you for the knowledge and healing you bless us with.” Florina Ene (12/9/20)

“As a 2.5 hour snap shot of a whole days course I found the subject mind-blowing. Wale enabled me to get a greater understanding of the neurological impact on the brain due to exposure to chronic stress. I certainly will be back to complete more sessions.” Katya P. Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (12/8/20)

“Very interesting. I have learnt a lot. More people need to be more self-aware regarding stress.” Rebecca K., GP

“Excellent content, simple to understand delivery. It was very informative and interesting. Sam H., Sufferer

“Really positive sessions. Very appropriate to my work role and also on a personal level.” Many thanks.” — Louise T., Training Co-ordinator

“Relaxed, lovely character – came across warm and comfortable. A well presented course with a good combination of case studies and personal experiences of the tutor as an ex-anxiety sufferer.” Maria F., Counsellor/ Project Worker

“I have enjoyed the course and found it very interesting. the tutor and the information presented kept you interested throughout.” Chloe S., GP Receptionist.

“Very well delivered in a manner that made me comfortable. Easy to understand.” – Maggie T., Reiki Practitioner

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