Your learning outcomes for this training:

      • What You’ll Gain from this Course:

        • Learn about the basic understanding of ADHD, and its different presentations
        • Unravel the complexities of the ADHD brain
        • Understanding the regions and networks in the brain implicated in ADHD
        • Explore neurotransmitter dynamics and their role in attention regulation
        • Identify different ADHD profiles and tailored strategies for optimisation
        • Equip yourself with practical tools and strategies to manage ADHD symptoms effectively in daily life, fostering improved focus and productivity.

        🎓 Who Should Enroll:

        • Individuals with ADHD (diagnosed or undiagnosed)
        • Parents, educators, and caregivers seeking a deeper understanding
        • Professionals helping individuals with ADHD
        • Therapists who are seeking contuning professional developemnt (CPD)
        • Anyone interested in understanding the ADHD brain better

        Bonus Resources:

        • Positive Affirmations Recording for ADHD
        • Meditation Clip for ADHD
        • Handout that summarises key points of the sessions.

What Attendees Are Saying

“Excellent presentation of complex subject. Enlightening and interesting. Thank you!”– Professor R. Plant

“I have two children with ADHD, one diagnosed. I found this course very informative.” — Mrs S. Quasin

“I have ADHD myself and the course provided me with some really useful information which I can apply to my life.” Anonymous

“Excellent, detailed, expert! ” — Tom McHugh, C. Eng., M.I.E.T. R&D

“I found this event fantastic. I learned about the complexity of the brain and the large complex condition and varitey of ADHD conditions.” –Eilish Duighan, Dietitian Specialist Paediatric

“I attended this ADHD course to understand more about how to help children within school. Excellent day! Very useful and lots of great things to take back to school.” –Vicky S., L.S.A

“Excellent CPD! I work with CYP and with learning difficulties and needed more insight. Easily absorbable, excellent content. ” –L. Smith, CYP Counsellor

Myself and my daughter have ADHD. Highly recommended! I do think that this content should be implemented within parliamenary scenario to help understdand many issues of youth today.” –Mum of an ADHD son

“Excellent explanations, very useful course.” — S. Suneya, Parent

“Interesting, informative; glad I came.” –C. Underwood, Psychotherapist

“Excellent course. Very interesting. It should be compulsary for CAMHS (CYPS) as they don’t know enough about ADHD!” — Mum of an ADHD child

“Very interesting! I would recommend to others.” — C. Wilson, Safeguarding Education

“I have a son with ADHD and work in a primary school. It was very interesting to learn about brain parts and how these impact on ADHD. Very clear and interesting. — S. Farnham, Mum of an ADHD Son

“Brilliant! Tons of info – very engaging speaker. Intense information delivered well. Thank you!! S. Lewis, Counsellor

” Really enjoyed the course – very useful, relaxed, friendly and informative. Well paced delivery too. T. Corfield, adult with ADHD

“Great workshop. Leaving feeling revitalised with some useful tools to think about.” — Ellen M., Company Director

“Very informative and it has good rationale behind it. My son came with me and to see him showing an interest and understanding gave me hope.” Michelle T., Student Mental Health Nurse