Your learning outcomes for this training:

      • basic understanding of anxiety in autism
      • neurotransmitters implicated in autism anxiety and how to rebalance them
      • the neural-network of autism that underpins sensory processing overload and mono-tropism 
      • how to use the mirror neurones system (MNS) to stimulate neuro-plasticity and promote safety 
      • links between anxiety in autism and traumatic events
      • the S.A.F.E. model for transforming anxiety in autism
      • Q&A session

Other focuses on the day:

  • links between autism hyper-connectivity and worry
  • connections between autism and comorbidities such as; anxiety, OCD, and depression

What Attendees Are Saying

I found it so interesting and it will absolutely help inform my practice. I found Wale to be a very good facilitator too, he was clear and had a great pace to his delivery-Thank you! Emma C. 7/3/23

The knowledge of this gentleman was superb. His approach to understanding Autism brings a breath of fresh air to the narrow view currently held in society. The connection between the brain research and physical affects within the brain that cause autism are so reassuring as a parent of children with Autism – it reminds me that their behaviour is normal for them. The information about mirroring in in the Mirror Neurone System could be a complete game-changer for how we educate children. Michelle W. Teacher and Mother of two ASD children

Just fabulous. This should be taught to every teacher and SEN department within councils throughout the country so that there can be a better understanding.  Kelsey C, Mother of autistic child, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist (26/10/21) Your Overall Feedback/Recommendation

Great explanation about how the brain is different and how we need to adjust to the client not the client change to fit with us. Julie C. Therapy Manager, Addiction & Private Practice (3/11/21)