Your learning outcomes for this training:

      • Understand the basic brain science of major depressive disorder (MDD)
      • Causes of MDD and their genetic and environmental implications
      • Learn how to ease depressive symptoms from The Polyvagal Theory perspectives
      • Understand the reasons for the complex nature of depressive symptoms
      • Understand key neurotransmitters implicated in MDD and how to optimise them
      • Learn about the regions of the brain involved in major depression and their symptoms
      • Learn about the links between depression, developmental trauma, chronic stress and other anxiety-related disorders such as OCD, and PTSD
      • Understand the links between stress, inflammation and depression
      • Learn about The S.T.R.E.S.S. Cycle and Depression Recovery
      • Understand The S.A.D.N.E.S.S. Recovery Framework for healing depression
      • Hands-on techniques for stimulating the vagus nerve for healing

Additional Resources:

    1. A resource page that contains recovery meditation clips
    2. Electronic course handout

“It was really helpful to receive course information prior to the meeting and to be given access to additional resources on the MindBody Breakthrough website. The course delivery was clear, informative and helpful. It was good to have an opportunity to go into a breakout room half way through to talk to others on the course about what we had learned that felt new or important.” Helen M (12/10/21)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Depression workshop. The science of the brain I found very hard to understand but grasped some of the concepts after watching the recording a fair few times and I really found the SADNESS framework brilliant to use with clients.” Georgia B., Life Coach (13/3/21)

“Thank you so much for the webinar.  It was so helpful and informative and made so much sense.  My children and I are domestic abuse survivors. My oldest son and I were diagnosed with Complex PTSD about 3 years ago. We are well on the road to recovery now but it was fascinating to hear much of our experiences psychologically explained.  I trained as a therapeutic artist working with traumatised people and am constantly working to increase my knowledge and experience.  So thank you.” Janet M. (27/1/21)

“Wale showed a great deal of knowledge and understanding. If this and other courses remain with an online choice, for those of us who are disabled and unable to travel to these, I would recommend them.” Diane Y., Counsellor and Hypnotherapist (25/1/21)

“Considering the current pandemic, the course was delivered in a manner that allowed for interaction with other attendees, this was unexpected, very useful and very well carried out.” Kayleigh P. Massage Therapist (25/1/21)

“I think that a very complex subject has been made simple to understand and digest. Well done!” Amanda E., Counsellor (25/1/21)

“Definitely worth every minute of my day! Will look into other relevant courses, eg polyvagal theory, PTSD… Great to have presentation in advance (some courses only give them out after the course) as it was then easier to follow the slides and make better notes.” Deb M., Clinical Hypotherapist & Psychotherapist (25/1/21)

“Wale was very thorough and his passion comes through. The content and handouts were clear and informative.” Lorna F., Prison Counsellor (25/1/21)

Wale delivers the information in a friendly and accessible way – Thank you. The notes and worksheets include references to enable further reading on the subjects which I find essential.” Vikki M. (25/1/21)

“Thank you for such an interesting and down to earth presentation of what is a complicated subject.  Wale’s unique approach cements it altogether.” Jeanette A. (19/11/21)

“Another fantastic course. Your presentation is so detailed, informative, and patient. I value the amount of energy you give, and the resources that you offer are so appreciated.” Elizabeth F. Sufferer

“I have found that I struggle to support clients who have depression. I seem to get stuck in their depressive moods, and I needed some CPD to improve my skill set in this area of therapy. Because I know you offer practical exercises as well as educate on the neuroscience, I knew this course would help me to understand this mental health condition more fully. I was not disappointed. It was very relaxed and interactive. The metaphors used to explain were excellent; this made it easier for me to grasp this complex topic more successfully. In addition, the audio files and script give excellent reference and tools for further supporting the client.” Jean M., Counsellor (29/10/21)