Your learning outcomes for this training are:

  • Learn about basic understanding of GAD and the Dugas Model
  • Understand the Amygdala paradox and the bio-chemistry of recovery.
  • Lean about the region of the brain implicated in GAD and Panic and how to calm it down.
  • Using brain science, learn the most effective way to rewire the brain for calm and confidence and dislodge the wiring of anxiety in the brain.
  • Learn how to break the underlying compulsive habits that threaten full recovery.
  • Learn how to effectively manage any counterproductive response of the emotional brain as it tries to regain control during the recovery process.
  • Understand the crucial roles of brain science and genetics in the transformation of generalised anxiety disorder and panic.
  • Learn the most effective coping strategies for managing GAD and panic attacks.

Thank you again Wale. I find your training incredibly informative and explained in such a way that the information can be relayed back to my clients to help empower them. Barbara W. Counsellor (8/2/21)

Thank you for such a helpful and knowledgeable session and the associated strategies/ activities. Judith T. (12/1/21)

Great session, well managed and facilitated given the current situations. I like the way you covered panic attacks too, more on this and why they occur and the reason behind them would be good. Linking to cause of anxiety, how it relates to the brain and also how to support it all were valuable. It is great to have the handouts / presentation digitally as they can easily be referred to and never lost. The break and break-out groups were excellent, thank you. Tracy L. (12/1/21)

Thank you for another great webinar, I really enjoyed learning more and found it very useful for my own practice. Joshua C., Therapist (12/1/20)

Thank you so much for another great course. I will definitely be back for more soon. You explain everything in so much detail. Thank you. The best evening I have spent in ages. Alma C. (12/1/21)

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed last night’s webinar. I came to a training day for PTSD a while back, and it has all been so helpful in my school work and counselling. Alison F., Counsellor (12/2/21)

Thank you so much was a great training which I will recommend to my colleagues 🙂 Louise B., Counsellor (12/1/21)

I wanted to thank you for last night’s brilliant webinar. It is not the first training I have attended with Wale (I first attended in person in Exeter) but each time I leave with a new and deep wealth of knowledge that has made a most distinct and welcome impact on my thought processes, my perception and, in turn, the way I lead my life. Mindbody Breakthrough is, without doubt, the most inspirational and informative training I have ever taken. The knowledge I have been able to take on, hold, and pass on to my clients has had a marked and profound effect and I believe this to be without exception. The brain is such a complex organ that it is not always easy to unpick and understand, yet Wale effortlessly provides enlightenment and comprehension that all can relate to leaving a feeling of being in control of one’s body again. How can you put a price on that? Invaluable. Julie H., Therapist (12/1/21)

Covered the material very thoroughly and plenty of opportunity to ask questions etc. Kirsty L,, CBT Therapist (9/11/20)

Great course and would recommend the course. I’ve attended a course with Wale before and it enhanced my practice. Pauline M., Help for Heroes (9/11/20)

Thanks so much for the session tonight. It was a great refresher in neuroscience and really struck a chord with me and the work I do with students with mental health issues. Kelly L. (9/11/20)

A very informative and enjoyable session. Rachael S. (14/9/20) 

An excellent course, so good that I’d be keen to do a longer session which deep dives into the theory element to the brain. Highly recommended this course as a useful overview of key components of GAD and immensely valuable in supporting clients with this condition. Hollie P., Wellbeing Educator, (14/9/20)

A very good course and very informative and well-presented over zoom online platform.  The explanation of the subject was well presented and easy to understand.  The pace of the course was just right and plenty opportunity to ask question and get questions answered. Gloria P., Volunteer Counsellor (14/9/20)

A very informative webinar which I will take a lot from. I will be looking

to book myself on future Webinars and Courses associated with 

MindBody Breakthrough. After this evening’s experience, I certainly will be recommending ‘MindBody Breakthrough’ to my colleagues. Richard G. Person-centred Counsellor and Crisis Support Worker (8/7/20)

Wale was amazing and the information I have taken, from only 2.5 hours , I know will continue to help me on my own journey of healing from GAD and various other issues. Wale was kind, relaxed, engaging and so informed. I am inspired that everything we were taught stems from Wale’s own journey and I can’t thank you enough for the webinar. Amanda A. Trainee Vicar

Thank you – it was really useful and I have lots of practical options to try in my practice going forward. Jennifer C. (17/6/20)

Well presented introduction to GAD. Informative, easy to follow and clear. Client group I have will benefit from my increased knowledge. Deb W., School Counsellor (17/6/20)

Webinar was fantastic, loved every bit of it. I have learned a lot about my own anxiety and how to deal with it. Thank you! Monika S. (17/6/20)

It was very good, I am so glad I attended. I am a counsellor and think this will be extremely helpful with many clients. I will be signing up later in the year now I know the high standard of training that is given. Lorna W., Counsellor. (17/6/20)

Loved it. I work with teenagers who need pastoral input in a high school. This will be soooo useful. I could listen to teaching on the brain constantly. If you have more courses just on the science of the brain I’m in!! Rachel P., Pastoral Support Officer (17/6/20)