The Neurobiology of Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS), Compassion Fatigue, & Resilience

What’s Waiting for You

  • The Science of Vicarious Trauma, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Understand the neurobiology of recovery, and learn how they affect your mind and body.
  • Tools for Resilience: Equip yourself with practical techniques to build emotional resilience and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Why Should You Sign Up?

  • Reignite Your Passion: Rediscover your passion for helping others without losing yourself in the process.
  • Boost Your Career: Learn to manage vicarious trauma and burnout effectively, enhancing your career and job satisfaction.
  • Personal Growth: Nurture your own well-being, growth, and resilience in the face of challenging situations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empowerment: Feel more confident and empowered in your role, knowing you can navigate compassion fatigue successfully
  • Mind-Body Techniques: effective take-home tools and resources for building greater resilience
  • Continuous Professional Development Certificate (CPD -6 Hrs): CPD certificates will be used upon completion.

Your learning outline for this training:

      • Lesson 1: basic understanding of trauma, the three survival hierarchies and mental wellness
      • Lesson 2: causes and symptoms/signs of trauma
      • Lesson 3: Secondary traumatic stress, burnout and resilience
      • Lesson 4: Interventions Part 1: Vicarious post traumatic growth, and the vicarious trauma cycle for recovery
      • Lesson 5: Interventions Part 2: Developing Greater resilience again vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout

Included resources:

  • Handout that summarises key points (pdf)
  • Emotional wellness affirmations (audio)
  • Self-confidence affirmations (audio)
  • Personal power affirmations (audio)
  • Inner resilience affirmations (audio)
  • Interpersonal relationship affirmations (audio)
  • Self-assertiveness affirmations (audio)
  • Finding Your Special Place of Empowerment for Greater Resilience Meditation (audio)

Are you an empathetic, compassionate professional working in a demanding field where you regularly encounter the emotional struggles of others? Whether you’re a healthcare provider, therapist, social worker, first responder, or anyone who serves the needs of others, you are not alone in feeling the weight of vicarious trauma and burnout.

This pre-recorded course is perfect for individuals or professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of these important topics.

We will explore the impact of vicarious trauma and burnout on individuals in various professional fields. We will delve into practical strategies and techniques to build resilience and maintain well-being in the face of these challenges.

Whether you work in healthcare, social services, or any other field where you regularly encounter trauma, this workshop will provide valuable insights and tools to support your personal and professional growth.

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