Intrusive thoughts and the inner critical voices are often psychic representations of past traumatic experiences, especially early childhood negative experiences. The development of the authentic Self that is subject to attuned parental mirroring and their emotional availability can fail to fully develop in an atmosphere of excessive criticism, over-controlling parenting style, or narcissism. The Self then turns against itself through self-shaming, self-hating and self-demoting. The voices that we hear in our head and the inner critical attacks that we battle with are the extensions of the past negative events which have now found their home in our neurological tissues. For transformation to take place, you’ll need to understand how your brain reacts to past unresolved griefs, rage and emotions. Secondly, several inner transformational work must be done to free you of the ingrained toxic shame, fear and then shrink your inner critics. This course provides the tools to help yourself or your clients to transform your intrusive thoughts and calm your inner critics.  

Your learning outcomes for this training:

  1.  Learn how to use the BEING Cycle recovery model to transform Intrusive thoughts and the inner critical voice.
  2. Understand the Neuro-Idealisation technique for anxiety recovery
  3. Understand the most effective way to lower the stress hormones in the brain and body in order to transform high anxiety and drastically reduce the risks of other issues such as cadiovaslucar desease and type 2 diabetes
  4. Using brain science, understand the neurophysiology of anxiety; why you feel the way you feel and how to feel more positive and in control of your mind
  5. Learn about the regions of the brain implicated in intrusive thoughts and the innner critical voice
  6. Understand how to dislodge the old anxiety wiring in the brain and rewire the brain for calm and confidence
  7. Understand the categories of intrusive thoughts and how their effective treatments can bring about calm and confidence.
  8. Understand the eight major types of inner critics that sustain anxiety disorders, sabotaging the overall results of therapy.
  9. Understand how to retrain and recaliberate the fear and anxiety centre in the brain for a greater level of calm
  10. Learn how to break the worry habit using the Worry Processor strategy
  11. Keys to assist sufferers protect their transformation post-therapy.

 Other focuses for the day:

 How to avoid the typical mistakes made in treating anxiety-related disorders.

 How to help clients with past traumas without triggering overwhelming negative emotions which often result in major relapses.

 How to manage major relapses with new clients.

For Professionals, as Well as Sufferers…

This course attracts both professionals, individuals and sufferers who are interested in mental health, continuing professional development, and effective anxiety recovery techniques.

Professionals: The models and techniques you will learn in this workshop is integrative and are now being used around the world in more than 30 countries by mental health professionals, counsellors, therapists, support workers, coaches, and other agencies who care about the mental wellbeing of their communities. Many UK therapists, mental health nurses, health professionals and counsellors who have been through this course in the past have found it very useful to their work and personal development. You can read some of their testimonials below. The course is quality-checked by the National Counselling Society and can count towards your CPD requirements. CPD certificate will be issued on the day.

Sufferers/Helpers: If you are a sufferer or a helper of a sufferer, you can also register for this course. As an ex-anxiety sufferer myself, the course is designed not only to help the professionals sharpen their skills but also to enable sufferers to get their hands on a simple but effective recovery model to achieve personal transformation. You will learn about the steps that helped me transform my anxiety disorder, allowing me to start helping others around the world achieve similar life-changing transformation. The course environment is relaxed and reassuring, and you will be able to share your story with me if you want to, and ask questions.


All you need to do is to complete your payment and gain access to the online course and go through the course in your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

What Attendees Are Saying

“Useful techniques that I will be able to use personally and in my professional capacity also. I was beginning to experience anxiety symptoms lately. I hope to use these techniques on myself and in my daily job role.” —Anonymous

“I have enjoyed the course thoroughly. Very powerful experience. Sharing our anxieties and seeing a positive and use it in the healing process.”Andrea C., Occupational Therapist

“Very interesting. Not only did I learn about the inner critical voice but I learned ways to deal with it. I also liked the tutor’s examples.” — Annabel S., Health Practitioner

“Great presenter, very knowledgeable and liked. He used used real-life stories. I liked his approach to therapy. Great use of unconscious part of the mind for change.” — Julie R., Hypnotherapist/ Counsellor, EMRD

“ Very useful, insightful. The speaker was able to use true examples to assist understandings and participation.” — Dawn M., Trainee Life Coach

“A very informative and inspirational session which I have already taken so much from it. And I know in the next few hours, weeks and days I will benefit more from.” —- Julia S., Teacher (attended as a sufferer)

“Insightful. I would recommend this course. The practical aspects of the course provided the most insight into how the OSLAC model can work.” Fay M., Pastoral Provision Manager – Education

“Well delivered approachable, knowledgeable, humour.” Kelly R., Counsellor

“Wale was fab – really knowledgeable and experienced. Also engaging and interesting.” Melanie C., Families and Children Manager

“Very good course. I learnt something new that really helped” — Anonymous, Staff Nurse

“I love Wale’s relaxed style of teaching – Very appropriate for the subject. He is very professional and personable. Thank you. “ — Julie P., Counsellor/ Psychotherapist/ Trainer

“Very well prepared, confident and able to deliver course calmly even when faced with difficult questions.” — Anonymous, Counsellor

“Confidently presented. Approach the subject in a very personable manner. Well done!” — Linda S., Counsellor

“Great teaching style and good to get us all involved. Lots of information and real life situations.” — Charlotte J., Student

“Very informative and it has good rationale behind it. My son came with me and to see him showing an interest and understanding gave me hope.” Michelle T., Student Mental Health Nurse

“Good insight to apply. Another method for treating anxiety/intrusive thoughts for people who I know will get to meet when I become self-employed hypnotherapist.” — Tina B., Student Hypnotherapist

“Very good. Well spoken. Spoke to me personally to help me understand my situation a bit.” — Jordon K., Job Seeker

“Excellent course, excellent tutor. Very informative and Knowledgeable. Refreshing, informative, fun and professional.” Lorraine R., Clinical Hypnotherapist

Course Accreditation:

This course is quality-checked by the National Counselling Society.

The National Counselling Society’s register has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority under its Accredited Registers programme.

Accreditation offers practitioners working in counselling a means of demonstrating their personal commitment to meeting high standards by joining The National Counselling Society or another accredited register.

Accreditation means that The National Counselling Society has met the Authority’s demanding standards in the following areas: training, setting standards, governance, quality of information provided, professionalism in handling complaints and education.


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