Every human has been equipped with healthy shame which helps us to evaluate our own actions or inaction towards the progress, happiness or well-being of others. While shame can be a healthy emotion that helps us to positively modify our behaviours in our interpersonal relationships, trauma or chronic stress exposure can convert our healthy shame into toxic where we start to believe that we’re not good enough for anybody, fatally defective, and deserving nothing good in life.
Almost everyone of us is carrying toxic shame in some aspects of our lives where we’ve been overly exposed to negative life experiences. Once shame-bound, we get triggered very often into reliving the distressing feelings of our past trauma. This then makes the nervous system to overdrive the fight-flight response, resulting into anxiety/trauma symptoms such as hyper-arousal, hyper-vigilance, palpitations, panic attacks, depressive feelings, inability to concentrate, bowel issues, restlessness, sleep problems, substance abuse, etc.
The good news is that toxic shame can be gradually transformed. This is what this meditation is designed to accomplish for you. Please watch the short clip below where I explain this recovery pathway further.

Overcoming Toxic Shame


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