Getting to the top in all areas of life requires more than wishful thinking. There are timeless principles of success and happiness that many successful people have used to overcome discouragements and create a happy and successful life.


If read the title of this book thinking it’s a racy novel about gorgeous young people living it up on their Prom night, then I’m sorry to disappoint you.

It’s even better than that!

Seriously. And you get to play the main part!
This book was specifically written for young people like yourself who are working towards important exams and making crucial decisions which will dictate their future.

Many years ago, one hundred motivated and hopeful young people, of similar background, IQ and passion were followed and studied until they reached a retired age. The purpose of the study was to see how they would all end up at the end of their working life.

The results they found is fascinating.
1 out 100 was wealthy
4 were financially free
5 were still working, not because they desired to, but because they had to in order to survive.
36 were dead.
54 were penniless and poor – relying on benefits, charity, family, and friends for a lowest standard of living.

What does that really mean? It means that, according to the research trends, in every 100 young people, only 5% will be successful, while 95% will be unsuccessful.

This book is about changing those statistics.

The PROM Model: 4 Indispensable Keys to Happiness and Success for Teens is a book for  teenagers that shares the ultimate secrets to true happiness and success which none of the competing books has attempted.

These 4 indispensable keys are built on the acronyms of the word “PROM” which every teenager can relate to because the School Prom stands for completion, celebration and achievement. It is from this line of thought that the PROM model introduces young people to the four master keys to creating a complete life that is full of unending celebrations, happiness  and meaningful accomplishments.

The P.R.O.M Model:

During my recent school to school tour of workshops and assemblies, inspiring and empowering young people for happiness and success, many students, teachers, and even council executives wished they had the PROM model principles in a book so that they could take it home with them. This was my motivation for putting these principles in a book form.

A 13 year old girl in care, a 14 year old academic in Cambridge, a 15 year old destitute in Cape Town and a 16 years old drug addicts in California. What do these young people have in common. They all want to be truly happy.

But how to find true happiness still remains a mystery to millions of young people, in spite of the hundreds of books that have been written on happiness and success. Many young people are simply worrying themselves to death, searching the wrong places and getting involved in wrong things, such as drugs, prostitution, and excessive drinking, in their quests to find peace, happiness and the true meaning and reason for existing.

According to the recent report by the BBC, over 1600 young people take their own life every year. Besides, the most recent study on the mental health  of young people conducted by The Prince’s Trust (January 2014) informs us that 65% of young people between 11-18 suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, self-harm, stress, eating disorders, depression, low confidence and poor self-esteem. The report also concludes that three quarters of a million of young people in the UK feel that they have nothing to live for.

The major problem here among young people is boiled down to PURPOSE – they simply do not know what the true purpose of life is and their own unique purpose within it.

Many self-help books for teenagers on achievement and success which could have solved these problems of purpose only concentrated on telling them what to do and not why they should do those things. But unless the “WHY” questions of life are answered to these teenagers, the “WHAT” answers make little or no sense.

Without any doubt, there is a need for a book that rises above mere encouragement and motivation and dig deep into the core needs of young people, answering important questions of purpose, happiness and success that every single teenager needs to understand.
A book that addresses the number one concern of today’s teenagers. A book by the person in mental health, personal development and education who know the bolts and joints of the trades. A book that will become an indispensable resource for a wide spectrum of audiences including, students, teachers, coaches, mentors, parents, social workers, counsellors, psychologists, nurses, doctors and all those who deal directly and indirectly with young people.

The PROM Model is this ultimate volume. Written in a lively, simple and encouraging tone, it will inspire millions of people who are constantly in search for meaning , identity, purpose, happiness and personal success. Each section of the book closes with questions and dotted lines where readers can easily write down their thoughts.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: PURPOSE
    • What is Purpose?
    • What is the Purpose of Life?
    • What is the Purpose of My Life?
    • My Life’s Purpose #1 – Being Useful
      • How Am I Useful?
      • Discovering My Individual Usefulness
        1. Feeder Gifts
        2. Fundamental Gifts
        3. How the Feeder Gifts and Fundamental Gifts Work Together
  • Life Skills for Increasing Usefulness
    1. Interpersonal Skills
    2. Communication Skills
    3. Teamwork Skills
    • My Life’s Purpose #2 – Being Honourable
      • Ten Rewards of Honour
      • Ten Ways to Maintain Honour
    • My Life’s Purpose #3 – Being Compassionate
      • The Need for Self-Compassion
      • Twelve Steps to Self-Compassion
      • Three ‘DO NOTS’ to Maintain Self-Compassion
      • Six Ways to Develop My Compassion for Others
      • The Health Benefits of Compassion
      • Four Personality Types
    • What is Responsibility?
    • Get Rid of the Kid
    • I Just Want to Be a Pop Star!
    • Learning from the Scouts?!
    • The Responsibility Equation
    • You Can Decide Your Outcomes
    • Change Your Mind
      • Memory and Imagination
      • How to Use Your Memory to Your Advantage
      • Four Steps to Harness the Power of Imagination
    • How to Handle a Crisis
      • Seven Steps to Personal Responsibility During a Crisis
  • Part 3: OPTIMISM
    • What is Optimism?
    • Eight Qualities of Highly Optimistic People
      • Highly optimistic people see opportunities in problems
      • Highly optimistic people reject negativity 
      • Highly optimistic people set goals
        • Big goals and little goals
        • Great goals benefit others
        • Life goals
        • Five Steps to Successful Goal Setting
        • Too many goals?
      • Highly optimistic people work on their self-esteem 
        • Five Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem
      • Highly optimistic people understand their true self
        • Understanding your true self
        • 13 Characteristics of the False Self
      • Highly optimistic people cultivate an attitude of gratitude
        • See life as a gift
        • See each day as a gift
        • See yourself as a gift
        • See every good thing in life as gifts
      • Highly optimistic people think and talk well of others 
      • Highly optimistic people press forward into their future
  • Part 4: MASTERY
    • What is Mastery?
    • #1 – Self-Discipline
    • #2 – The Discipline of Positive Attitude
    • #3 – The Discipline of Thinking
    • #4 – The Discipline of Focus
    • #5 – The Discipline of a Healthy Lifestyle
    • #6 – The Discipline of Positive Affirmation
  • Final Note
  • Other Resources

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