“Underneath every worrying thought is a well-being and success energy called the worry instinct, and it is what you do or fail to do with this energy that determines the emotional, mental and physical reality you create.”


Imagine yourself living a life without having to endure the agony of obsessive worry, anxiety, stress, as well as all their excruciating symptoms? Can you picture yourself enjoying a lifestyle that is highly charged with tranquility, confidence, happiness, total well-being, self-assurance, abundance, hope and creativity?

Perhaps, you may be thinking, “Is this kind of life really possible in this fast-paced modern era? Can I actually stop myself from the compulsion of worry and create a stress-free life when hundreds of thousands of people are being diagnosed with stress or stress-related illnesses every year? Is it really possible to be free from obsessive worrying, anxiety and stress?”
Certainly yes! You can overcome your obsessive worry habit and start enjoying real inner peace and happiness. You can be cured from your anxiety disorders and stress inducing illnesses. It’s absolutely possible to build your self-esteem, improve your memory capability and become highly creative. You can achieve your passionate dreams, live a highly productive and fulfilled life, attract abundance and spend more time doing what you really love to do.

Anxiety is deadly. In fact, anxiety and stress kill more people every year than you can ever imagine. Many relationships and marriages have been destroyed because of stress and anxiety. Work-related stress and financial anxieties are increasingly threatening the very foundations of our societies. Men and women now spend more time worrying than they do building their future. Many great minds and intellectuals with huge potential have succumbed their exceptional talents and abilities to the tyranny of chronic anxiety and depression.

But it does not have to be this way. You do not have to join in or remain in this camp of obsessive compulsive worriers and anxiety-victims. Humans are extra-ordinary beings – built for astonishing accomplishments. We can access every resource needed physically, emotionally, and spiritually to make our life-time a memorable and unprecedented positive experience.

We are creatures of intellect, emotions and instincts – a perfect mixture of natural and super-natural enabling power for unparalleled peace of mind, happiness, well-being and success.
The hidden wisdom for personal liberation from obsessive worrying, anxiety and stress, which has been missing from our health and well-being communities, is now finally being unveiled to you for your empowerment. You do not have to toil fruitlessly anymore. You do not have to condemn yourself or become embittered about your inability to stop worrying.

Holding in your hand is a book that will guide you into perhaps one of the most incredible journeys of personal mind mastery you have ever embarked on in your entire life. All the principles I share in this book have changed my life and also the lives of others I have taught them to. They are based on my personal research, observations, reflections and experiences gained treating clients of all ages and backgrounds, living with various levels of obsessive worrying, anxiety and stress.

Filled with timeless breakthrough principles, insights, suggestions and step-by-step guides to transformation, this book will show you how to activate the success power of your worry instinct to create your total freedom from your obsessive worry habit, anxiety, stress and all their physical and mind symptoms.

Lastly, you may find some of the thoughts proposed in this book unconventional. They may sound different from similar books on the subject of worry. That is absolutely fine! It is because, for the very first time, at least in my understanding, the real treasure of worry is being unearthed and served to the wider world through the pages of this book.
Start now… Begin to create your desired reality.

Wale Oladipo

Why Is This Book Different for Other Books On Worry?

While many books about worry focus on how to conquer worry, the Worry Instinct book reveals to the audience how to embrace their ingrained worry instinct and extract its success energy to create calm, confidence and personal fulfillment

The Worry Instinct book reassures its readers that they struggle to stop worrying simply because worry is instinctive energy, and the focus is not to get rid of worrying but to understand the purposes of the instinct of worry and use them to their advantage .

Like every other human instinct,  protection is at the fore-front of their aims. In the same manner, the purpose of the worry instinct in human is not only connected to protecting him from stress and anxiety, it is also connected to promoting and providing for him. The Worry Instinct book highlights in details the these untold secrets of worry.

My Motivation for Writing This Book…

When I was 12 years old, due to the severity of the poverty in my family, I was constantly on the rubbish dumping sites looking for anything edible or a bit valuable to salvage in order to survive. And as you could imagine, that kind of life can be extremely traumatizing for a child.

It wasn’t long before I contracted anxiety and stress. Then, after my mother passed away 9 years later, my anxiety skyrocketed and I became depressed. She was the only person I got in my life. And to make things even worse – she died of a stress-related illness. It was very tough.

It was this unpleasant experience with stress and anxiety that compelled me to begin to study the subjects of worry, stress and anxiety. My continuous research and sheer tenacity to understand mental health has led me to a completely new thinking,  which none of the competing books has ever attempted.

I have used this new understanding of worry to treat several stress and anxiety sufferers for over five years now, with high success rate. And I felt it is about time I put this cutting edge idea in prints.

The Worry Instinct book is based on a number of pivotal statements, one of which this one below is key:

Underneath every negative thought is a well-being energy called The Worry instinct, and it is what you do or fail to do with this well-being energy that determines the emotional, mental and physical reality you create.

The Worry Instinct book is a unique, effective and powerful guide to stress and anxiety-free life for millions of mind-weary, stressed and anxious individuals.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

Part One: Discovering The Power Of Your Worry Instinct

  • Chapter 1: You were built to worry. Discover why you are not weird.
  • Chapter 2: Worry Is Success Instinct – meant to help you avoid stress and anxiety and create a good life
  • Chapter 3: The Spiritual Nature Of Worry – Understand this and you are on your way to freedom
  • Chapter 4: Your Worry Instinct And The Subconscious – Master this and you’ll command peace, calm and confidence.
  • Chapter 5: The Three Energy Stages: Worry instinct Stage, Anxiety Stage & Stress Stage.

Part Two: The Paradox of the Mind & Your Recovery

  • Chapter 6: Understanding the Paradox of the Worry Instinct- Grasp this and you’ll begin to design your destiny of calm and emotional wellbeing!
  • Chapter 7: How The Interactions Between Your Worry Instinct and The 3 Elements of Personalities Create Your Stress and Anxiety. Know thyself to free thy Soul.
  • Chapter 8: 10 Breakthrough principles to instantly turn your anxiety and stress to calm, peace and happiness

 Part Three: Using brain science to better channel the success power of Your worry-instinct for overcoming anxiety and stress

  • Chapter 9: The Adaptive Functions of Your Worry Instinct; How To use Your Worry instinct Energy To Re-adapt Your brain For Calm & Confidence

Part Four: Introducing The W.O.R.R.Y Model

  • Chapter 10: The W.O.R.R.Y Model: The complete 5-week step-by-step programme for turning your stress and anxiety to calm, happiness, and confidence
  • Final Word

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