“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.”

–William James


Whether you are just getting started in building your career or you are an accomplished achiever, this book will help you get to the next level and achieve financial success and greater life satisfaction. 

All you have to do is to apply the principles. Take immediate and consistent actions! Without relentless positive actions, lasting and significant success is impossible. 

The book is interactive with several activities for you to engage in to further deepen your learning and experience. Likewise, each principle is written in a simple way so that you can get equipped without getting overwhelmed. 

It is therefore my hope that you will read on and be challenged, changed and channelled for ultimate success, happiness and fulfilment in your areas of passion and life as a whole.

To your success,

Wale Oladipo

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Your Life Is Your Mindset
  3. Step #1: Get Rid of Your Myths About Success 
  4. Step #2: Do What You Love To do: Identify Your Dominant Passion 
  5. Step #3: Dream Big 
  6. Step #4: Develop a Clear Sense of Direction: Set goals 
  7. Step #5: Accept 100% Responsibility for Your Life 
  8. Step #6: Become a Problem Solver 
  9. Step #7: Join the Top 10% in Your Field 
  10. 10.Step #8: Master How to Manage Your Time
  11. 11.Step #9: Maintain a Single Focus of Passion 
  12. 12.Step #10: Develop Self-Discipline 
  13. 13.Step #11: Hang Out with Positive and Motivated People 
  14. 14.Step #12: Develop Emotional Intelligence 
  15. 15.Step #13: Look After Your Physical Body 
  16. 16.Step #14: Develop the Habit of Courage 
  17. 17.Step #15: Develop Determination and Persistence
  18. 18.Final Note
  19. 19.Other Resources

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