You Can Eliminate Stress & Maximise Potential…

The real causes of stress for many people are more than the workload, work-demands, job insecurities, leadership issues, interpersonal conflicts, work pattern, work environment or even deadline stresses. These elements simply aggravate their stress quotient to unbearable levels.

For Professionals (CPD), as well as Sufferers…

This course attracts both professionals, individuals and sufferers who are interested in mental health, continuing professional development, and effective chronic stress recovery techniques.

When the stress resilience quotient (SRQ) and the negative emotions reservoir (NER) within the psyche are full and threaten to overflow, the mind begins to struggle to cope with the “normal” level of day-to-day home or work-related pressures. Your mind and nervous system cease to function effectively because the natural body’s stress resistance has failed to restore the needed internal balances. This is beginning of various psychosomatic illnesses.

At the point, stress management is very likely not to be sufficient. What is required here is the recovery solution that is equipped to lower the NER and reenergise the SRQ for total wellbeing, happiness and renewed motivation. All of these and more are what the S.T.R.E.S.S model for complete stress relief offers.

You can regain your mental and physical strength and overcome psychical symptoms of stress. You can reactivate your passion for what you love to do. You can reignite your will to do more, be more and have more, with increased motivation and personal power. You can learn to keep stress at bay, build strong relationships and take your work and business to a whole new level of success.

Increase Effectiveness, Productivity  and Sustainable Growth Within Your Organisation…When You Invest in the Wellbeing of Your Staff…

Stress is a major issue for organisations across the UK today regardless of the size, affecting 1 in 5 of the entire work force. The cost of work related stress to the economy reached £6.5bn last year. Therefore, educating employees and managers on how to anticipate, minimise and effectively manage stress for themselves and their teams can pay huge dividends for the financial and relational health of an organisation.

Stress is one of the biggest reasons  for staff absenteeism and long term illness in the UK.  In 2011/2012, more than 10.4 million employees sick days were recorded. costing companies and organisations millions of pounds in the process.

Through effective stress management training, you can start saving your organisation or business money and developing healthy environment for maximum effectiveness and success. Using the cutting-edge (in-depth) S.T.R.E.S.S Model for stress management and recovery, you can guarantee the long-term growth of your entire organisations…

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Key understanding about how to clinically diagnose and defuse chronic stress disorder.
  2. 11 ways not to cope with stress.
  3. 21 ways to managing stress.
  4. The vital key to stress relief: The Worry Instinct.
  5. The three energy stages for stress recovery.
  6. How to stop stress from becoming chronic using the general adaptation syndrome model.
  7. How to develop a stress-proof mindset that will improve effectiveness, productivity and happiness.
  8. The 7 steps to avoid stress in any worry-inducing incident or thought.
  9. The 3 important steps for ensuring that ingrained beliefs are not fuelling your Stress.
  10. How to successfully defeat chronic stress using the S.T.R.E.S.S model for stress relief and management.
  11. How to overcome the embryonic stress and anxiety that often threatens to derail stress recovery

Other focuses on the course:

  1. How to avoid the typical mistakes made interring chronic stress and stress-induced pains.
  2. How to positively help others channel their body’s stress response towards self-healing, calm and confidence.
  3. The effective model for assisting motivated individuals, employees, managers and business leaders to minimise stress and maximise productivity.
  4. The effective way to administer stress recovery sessions/classes to individuals and to groups.
  5. The pitfalls to watch out for when helping with work-related stress among employees and business leaders.
    How to help clients with past traumas without triggering overwhelming negative emotions which often result in major relapses.
  6. How to manage major relapses with new clients.

In this course, you will get:

  1. Instant access to over 35 videos that take you step-by-step to into life-changing techniques and recovery principles for stress prevention and relief.
  2. Over 35 instructional manuals (PDF) that provide you with the vital recovery guidelines that, if followed, will guarantee your transformation.
  3. Guided-imagery/stress relief and relaxation audios to defuse your stress and anxiety and re-condition your mind for calm, happiness and confidence.
  4. Full stress recovery training series audio (5 Parts)

What Previous Attendees Are Saying

“Excellent day with really useful tools. Excellent for professional and personal use.” Nicola T., Advanced Nurse Practitioner

“Very interesting. I have learnt a lot. More people need to be more self-aware regarding stress.” Rebecca K., GP

“Excellent content, simple to understand delivery. It was very informative and interesting. Sam H., Sufferer

“Really positive sessions. Very appropriate to my work role and also on a personal level.” Many thanks.” — Louise T., Training Co-ordinator

“Relaxed, lovely character – came across warm and comfortable. A well presented course with a good combination of case studies and personal experiences of the tutor as an ex-anxiety sufferer.” Maria F., Counsellor/ Project Worker

“I have enjoyed the course and found it very interesting. the tutor and the information presented kept you interested throughout.” Chloe S., GP Receptionist.

“Very well delivered in a manner that made me comfortable. Easy to understand.” – Maggie T., Reiki Practitioner

“very interesting and thought provoking. I will be practising the techniques learnt today.” Anonymous, Parent

“I was very pleased with the knowledge I gained. The model was easy to understand and the way in which it was delivered was good.” Nicola A., Specialist DV/SV Counsellor

“A very enlightened and inspiring course with clear usable techniques that can be used immediately.” — Kathryn L., Counsellor

“Insightful Info. Wale is a lovely teacher, with great delivery. Easy to understand. Wonderful personal transformation and self-discovery about myself too.” Angela G., psychotherapist

“Interesting and informative. A useful model that I can integrate into my practice. The tutor was relaxed, friendly –  definitely a people person!” Vikki W., EMDR Therapist

“Very interesting. Explored areas that I was interested in for work and personal life and i will use these techniques in my life.” Eileen T., Occupational Health Advisor

“Very interesting. The course material was delivered in easy to understand steps. I can imagine that Wale is an excellent practitioner. I think the techniques will be easy for me to practise with myself and others.” — Alison D., Occupational Health Advisor

“It was useful and enjoyable. Great integration of tools e.g, CBT, Biology of belief, Body-Mind Work etc. Great integration of theories for practical application. Wale made the event fun and relaxed.”  A. Hunt, Counsellor/ Project Co-ordinator

“Fascinating, simple model that everyone should know.” H. Andrejewski, Inclusive Support Specialist

“Great delivery, down to earth, answering questions well, easy to understand and apply.” Anne F., Hypnotherapist

“It was a brilliant workshop. Lots of information to think about. Very helpful. Hayley W., Sufferer

“Great workshop. Leaving feeling revitalised with some useful tools to think about.” — Ellen M., Company Director

“Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon on introducing me to a new technique which is easily applicable and effective.” –Marie W-R., Mental Health Worker & Counsellor

“Very helpful to find out tools and examples and to discuss with the group around the table, and Wale Oladipo created a very calm and relaxing easy atmosphere – presented very well.” — J. Welton –Handy Man, Property Developer, Artist, Father

“This was well attending. I have 20 years experience as a counsellor and found something new to take away…” — F. Owen, Volunteer Counsellor with SRASAC

“A succinct introduction to a model that can be easily understood and applied. You don’t need to be a therapist to understand it.” — Sufferer, Anonymous

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was delivered in a clear understandable format and I will definitely use the model. Thank you. Julia H., Psychotherapist

“The day was easy to absorb and broken into appropriate sections. It offered positive hope.”  Delia M., Drama-therapist and Counsellor

“An intensive workshop with a good level of information.” Anne S., Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner

“Excellent course, Wale is an engaging speaker, giving examples throughout the afternoon.” Allison P., Hypnotherapist

“Relaxed, informative, and kept checking in with everyone which is good practice. Chilled! It was great insight further into my own knowledge and understanding. Thumbs up!! — Paul G,. Converge  Student

“I enjoyed the day. The course was very informative. Good sessions and was relevant. “ Georgina K., Counsellor

“Excellent presentation style and good value. Interesting, inspiring and do-able. Down to earth presentation style.” Hilary B., Converge Administrator

“Good course. Knowledgeable and easy to understand tutor.” – Anonymous

“Excellent course. Well presented. I would recommend this for both personal and professional development. Liz H., Hypnotherapist

“An approach that is extremely practical and useable. Accessible information for all.” Psychotherapist

“Great course – well structured, clear with a great tutor. “  Trainee Psychotherapist

“ A great refresher workshop for the therapeutic intervention I provide in my clinical area. A hunger to develop a deeper understanding.” S. Doyle, Community Psychiatric Nurse

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has encouraged me to continue in my path to my personal goal.” K. Blake, Employment Consultant/Life & Career Coach

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This course is quality-checked by the National Counselling Society.

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